I'm Shady Kleo, but you can call me Shady. I'm a Fashion Photography graduate and alternative style blogger currently working as a makeup artist for a well known cosmetics brand.

As well as blogging and makeup I am skilled in other aspects of the visual arts, including styling, photography and retouching. I'm hoping to be able to showcase some new projects involving these talents here in due time.

I began co-blogging a few years ago at Puricuties, which focused heavily on pastel tones and looks inspired by Japanese street fashion. Since then I have branched off on my own and have really enjoyed experimenting with new looks while remaining true to my personal style. 

Fashion and art are constantly changing and I want to grow along with them. I've been trying out new colours, fabrics and silhouettes that the old Shady would never have dreamed of trying and it's been a lot of fun. By doing this I came to realise that the most important thing is not what you're wearing but just having the confidence to carry it. Of course it helps to be aware of current trends and popular brands, but you don't have to follow them religiously to be fashionable. Just wear what makes you feel fashionable!


I have always seen my style as a form of expressing myself and love being able to influence others to feel comfortable to do the same. My intentions are to always create content to advise and inspire those interested in alternative clothing or visual arts. That's why I made this space for people to continue following my exploration of the fashion world. I hope you enjoy journeying with me.