Review - Rio Azul @ White Cube

June 15, 2018

Today I'm writing to you from the amazingly colourful world that is the talented Beatriz Milhazes' latest art exhibition in London.

Rio Azul, which is currently being presented at the White Cube art gallery just off Bermondsey Street, showcases Brazilian artist Milhazes' usual abstract explorations of colour, including paintings and collages which almost seem to be optical illusions and the most enormous yet intricate hanging sculptures.

She uses a mixture of geometric shapes, floral patterns and spherical objects in an array of bright tones. This shows how she has managed to find a clear balance between the influences of her Brazilian background and what people would normally expect contemporary art to be like - more crisp, clinical and refined.

Milhazes experiments using a variety of techniques, such as painting, using paper cut outs to add texture and even weaving to create a truly original variety of artwork that are each so powerful that they can stand alone, but still come together as a whole.

My personal favourite piece of the exhibition was the installation Gamboa II. Hanging from a number of silver threads were flowers and orbs of various pastel colours. They created the most beautiful hanging structure and I took a long time staring up at it in silent awe. Beatriz if you're reading this, is it possible for you to bring out a range of mini chandeliers so I can get one for my bedroom please?!

If you have a serious love for art like I do and happen to be in London this month I highly recommend going to visit the White Cube while this exhibition is still available to view - it's being exhibited until 1st July 2018 and is not one to miss.
Gallery // White Cube

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