June 02, 2018

Happy 2018!

I knoooow, we're already halfway through the year but I felt like I needed to say it anyway, okay?
I've been AWOL for a long time working on my mental health and just working in general, but I'm glad to say that now I'm in a much more positive place.

Because of my job as a makeup assistant I don't really get much free time to be creative anymore, but I recently met up with my amazing friend and photographer Emma Savage for a lil' photo shoot and it ended up being too cute not to share with you guys.

Yes I'm really back, so go open a coke and relax while you read. (Or a Pepsi if you're wild like that.)

Emma is one of those lovely people who look like they have just stepped out of a Disney fairy tale or a beautiful dream and her photography style is no different. Ever since I met her at university I have been in awe of her whimsical storytelling through the lens and I really wanted this shoot to showcase that. When she showed me this amazingly bright mural that had been hidden away in the small nautical town of Plymouth we began working on a concept straightaway.

Both Emma and I have a love for all things cute and pastel and so that was our starting point. I decided to show that with my makeup choices. 

At the moment I'm loving my Stila liquid eye shadows and for this look I applied a shimmery pink shade called Sunset Cove. Then I sprinkled silver glitter on my cheekbones over my highlighter and even some in my hair, although it just ended up looking like sparkly dandruff. Still sweet though, right?

"Let me blow you a kiss" *Leblanc voice*  If you get this reference know that I love you.

I decided to twist the front section of my hair. Twisting is so much quicker than braiding when you're in a rush and I like the extra volume they give my hair as they are also looser. Then I pinned them back with silver heart hair clips. They did belong to my nan, but she is such a cutie that she ended up giving them to me anyway. Woop woop, free things.

How adorable is this gingham dress I found while scrolling on ASOS a few months back? I remember arguing with myself about the purchase as it was clearly too cold at the time for me to justify wearing it, but I went ahead and placed it in that basket anyway. Fast forward six months and I'm very glad that I finally got to put it to good use! 

I just adore its little cut out sides and the pink tie-up bows. I wore a pink crop top underneath to match and added a tutu for extra floof. Wearing this dress was also a great way to show off my new tattoo! My Hokusai ramen by @leabrds is definitely my fave. So far, that is...

Of course, no pastel doll look would be complete without my YRU X Dollskill Ballet Baes. These are probably the only shoes I own that I actually struggle to walk in and maybe make me a little TOO tall for my own good, but they are just too cute to resist. Plus they're pink. Do I really need another reason to wear them?

I hope you love this shoot as much as I do! It has definitely  reignited my love for styling with both clothing and makeup. It was also so much fun to work with my moomin pal Emma again and I look forward to collaborating with her in the future. I'll leave a link below for you to check out some more of her amazing projects.

P.S. Aside from the photography, all credits for the punny post title must go to Emma and her wonderful mind.

Be sure to keep an eye out for next week's blog post loves - part 2 of my adventure in Plymouth with Miss Moomin is on it's way!

Jacket // Lazy Oaf 

Dress // ASOS

Nails // Primark

Hair Clips // Avon

Shoes // YRU X Dollskill

Photography // Emma Savage

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  1. You look pretty & cute in the outfit. All the pictures are awesome:)
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  2. You look great, you have a great sense of style

  3. love the photos! the jacket is so cute. and i want those ballet shoes, i wish they weren't sold out.

    Ami Amour