NaughtyCool - Second Look

June 08, 2018

Guess who's back, back again...
Shady's back with a brand new blog post, so go tell a friend!

I recently celebrated my birthday, but I'm taking us back a couple of weeks to share the next half of my shoot with Emma Savage. This second look was also shot in Plymouth. We kept to our previous theme by shooting in front of pretty pastel houses, but this time with a twist in the shape of my new pal Mr Squid (the giant red art piece I'm posing with above.)

Believe it or not, this dress was yet another Asos purchase. I had stumbled across it when it was £95 and lusted after it for months until it finally went on sale for more than half price. My reasoning for buying it was "Well my cousin is getting married soon, so I supposeee I'll need a dress for the wedding." Even though he probably won't get married until next year and by then I'll probably want something new...

I mean how can you not love this sequined mini dress and it's angelic silhouette, frilled hem and pretty silver flower embellishments?

I had a lot of fun posing as a ragdoll for this shoot. There were a lot of people watching us as we took photos, including lots of impatient children who wanted to play with Mr Squid. But that's just something that comes with shooting on location. Despite my struggles with anxiety I've become so used to people staring at me that I never get nervous posing in front of them.

Sometimes to find a good location you have to walk...a lot. Emma and I scouted out the cutest places in Plymouth to take pictures, just like this colourful street near the port. 

To go with the silver flowers on my dress I donned my silver Demonia platforms. I just love their star cut outs and glittery straps. I also accessorised with hot pink fishnets, which ended up being genius because they matched Mr Squid's tentacles perfectly! Yay, coincidences.

We had no idea who lived in this house but it was too lovely not to feature in our project. A flight of stairs led up to the front door, covered with creeping flowers which were the exact same colour as the paintwork. Whoever the owners are, they sure do love to co-ordinate! If anyone happens to know who owns this place please let me know. Maybe they could teach me a thing or two about decorating...or just ask me to move in with them. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

It was such a pleasure to work with Emma again. We talked lots about the future and the things that we hope to achieve. One thing that did come up was the idea of collaborating again, with myself styling and Emma taking the photos. I think we make such a great team so I'm really looking forward for that!

Dress // Asos

Tights // Primark

Shoes // Demonia

Photography // Emma Savage

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