Play House

September 10, 2017

Welcome to my play house! 

Well technically it's artist Camille Walala's delightfully colourful WALALA X PLAY exhibit, but for a short time I found myself lost in wonder at her work and all its vibrant glory.

Camille Walala is known for her colour-pop prints and exploring with using both bright colours and monochrome, as well as 2d shapes and bold lines. 

And you know me, I love anything that stands out! I was really happy when I heard about this exhibit, which is being showcased at Now Gallery in London. It is true to Camille's usual colourfully eccentric style and also incorporates the use of mirrors, which makes her art appear seemingly infinite.

I thought it would be a fun idea to style myself and plan a photo shoot using the amazing art as a background. 

So I asked my good friend and talented photographer Giorgia Gray - who I met years ago, way back when we were both Gaga-obsessed teens - if she would be interested in collaborating with me. She had already come up with an idea of her own for another shoot (which is coming very soon) and loved the idea of working on this one too.

As Camille's artwork is so busy and bright, I thought it would be good to wear something simple to contrast nicely with it, so I'm wearing nothing but monochrome. 

The main item of my outfit is a baggy white and black tee with the slogan 'GRL PWR' on it from Boohoo. I'm always busy thinkin' about girls, so it's very fitting. The tee/dress/idk actually belonged to my friend at first, but she didn't like how it looked on her so I very kindly took it out of her hands! I was already planning this shoot at the time and knew it would work well.

The art in the WALALA X PLAY exhibit covers every inch of space, including the floor. Which means you're not permitted to wear shoes so this is a shoe-free look. If I were to wear shoes with it however, I probably would have chosen my chunky Buffalos or YRU Qozmo heels in white. Instead I'm wearing long white socks to keep it uncomplicated and have kept the same nails I wore to Dragworld. They are a mix of pastel pink and bold black, tying in nicely.

For makeup, I tried out the green shade in my new Nyx Smokey & Highlight eye shadow palette. I've been missing green a little since I changed my hair back to purple and I loved how it brought out the colour of my eyes. Wanting to keep my lips fairly nude, I used my Metallized Vice Lipstick from Urban Decay in the shade Peyote, with a touch of some good ol' Vaseline for added shine.

I'm also wearing my hand icon earrings from Borderline Apparel, perfect for the internet princess that I am. One of them always twists the wrong way which drives me a little bonkers at times, but it makes for a cool asymmetric effect.

This exhibit ends soon, so if you're around in London make sure to visit while it's still available! It's a lot of fun and booking tickets is free. 

I kinda wish that Camille Walala could come by and paint the whole city into a rainbow, how awesome would that be? The world definitely needs more colour...

Tee // Boohoo
Earrings // Borderline Apparel

Photography // Giorgia Gray - Instagram

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