Galaxy Raver

August 14, 2017

Happy August :) I hope your summer has been as productive as mine has! Between working and creative writing it's been really hard to find the time to keep up with my blog, but I've had this outfit in mind for a while now and couldn't wait to share it with you guys any longer.

Do you heart it?

I wanted to go for an alternative galaxy-raver look, but added an extra edge by mixing metallics and sequins. It's also a mix of old and new garments too.

As usual I couldn't resist wearing a pair of mesh tights - pink to match my jacket - underneath my high-waist hot pants. Those poor shorts are a little faded now thanks to them getting ruined on nights out at uni, but I still love 'em.

Just call me twinkle toes! 

How awesome are these Demonia platforms?! I had hearts in my eyes when I came across them on Dollskill and as far as I'm concerned, purchasing them was a necessity. Who wouldn't want to walk amongst the stars?

You may have seen this sequin bralet before as I've worn it for a post on my old blog Puricuties. It's funny because I go through a lot of phases and I spent a long time thinking I'd never wear it again, only to find myself incorporating it into this look. 

I really love rediscovering things in my wardrobe and using them in different eras of my fashion journey, I'm just glad I didn't throw it out like I'd planned as it fits so well.

I remember buying these circle drop earrings while waiting for a friend who was running late. Somehow (not because I'm a shopaholic or anything) I found myself browsing in H&M. I immediately saw them and they fit my oh so specific requirements: pink and shiny. They actually look really cute next to my purple and pink hair, huh?

My main colour of choice for this outfit was silver, but of course it just wouldn't be Shady without a hint of pink somewhere, so I donned my punky cropped jacket from Mango. 

I don't normally shop there and I only walked in because my friend wanted to have a look, expecting nothing to grab my interest. But then I saw it sitting on the rail in all its metallic glory and my friend pretty much said we weren't leaving unless I bought it. It seems that my friends are responsible for a lot of my clothing purchases...

I hope you liked this! It was a lot of fun styling and shooting this with my friends. There were some lighting and camera issues here and there, but the outfit and location both worked really well. 

I'm not sure if I'll be able to post anything for next week but I'm going to Dragworld in just under a fortnight and couldn't be more excited. If you're going, be sure to say hi and if not you can be sure to find out what I got up to there as I'll be making a post all about my antics.

Bralet // H&M
Shorts // Forever 21
Tights // Primark
Earrings // H&M
Jacket // Mango

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  1. Loving your style girl! Those shoes are pretty awesome x

    Emma at

  2. Love this look! I go to a lot of raves and I would definitely wear an outfit like this. Those shoes are so cool.