Review: Egosketch Phone Case

June 16, 2017

As a certified klutz, I am always amazed at those who are able to live with having their phone unprotected. I have had so many phone cases over the years and now I've got a brand-new one to add to my list, thanks to Egosketch!

I have begun to notice a pattern with the phone cases I own...they are all too big to fit in a handbag! I wanted to make sure that this time I chose one that was a little more practical. The Egosketch site offered plenty of options including wallet-style case and transparent ones. I decided to go with a fully-printed case, as I had a design in mind. I really wanted it to be bright and have a cartoony feel and I was so close to just using a photo of an anime character or something. But then I remembered that Erin Taylor had already made me into one! 

Meet Chibi Shady, if you haven't already. She was featured on my old blog, so you may have seen her there if you have been following me for a while. I decided to mix the old with the new by also adding the flame/heart design that is on my current blog, which was made by one of my good friends. The Egosketch website was very quick and easy to use. It showed me a preview of what my case would look like and I noticed that my design was a little too small. Using the preview feature I was able to make a cute pink border, which I preferred over the possibility of stretching the picture.

Overall I'm so happy with how my phone case turned out. The design has been printed with great quality, it's lightweight, yet still offers good protection for my fragile baby of a phone. Oh and it's small enough to fit in a small bag, yay!

Phone Case // Egosketch
Jacket // Cyberdog

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