Enacier Magazine Part 2 - God's Own Junkyard

June 28, 2017

If there's one place in London I have always wanted to visit, it's God's Own Junkyard - niche cafe and place where neon signs go to die and be reborn into one huge art piece. So when Simon Samuel, editor of Enacier magazine, told me it would be the location of our photo shoot I lit up like...well, like a neon sign.

I really enjoyed styling myself for this shoot. I wanted to wear something that went well with my surroundings but still showed my personality. A little edgy, a little cute. I think the combination of the chain bra and tutu skirt captured this perfectly. The skirt was actually one of my Topshop purchases from earlier that day.

This angel clearly died clad in designer brands, what a fashion icon. I wanted to take this piece home with me it was just so cool.

Queen of neon. 
Yes, there were literally neon lights from the floor to the ceiling! It made the most perfect backdrop and also provided some really interesting lighting for us to work with.

I love to be colour co-ordinated when I can, so I used Apple Crisp butter gloss from Nyx Cosmetics to make my lips pop.

I also did an interview for Enacier Magazine, which I will share when it drops. But for now, I hope I've enlightened you to the awesomeness that is God's Own Junkyard. If you happen to be around East London I highly recommend it as a must-try for a slice of cake and coffee served with a truly glowing twist. 

Photography // Simon Samuel

Black Dress (worn as top) // Boohoo
Skirt // Topshop
Chain Bra // Dollskill
Sunglasses // Blyszack Eyewear
Shoes // YRU

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