Enacier Magazine Part 1 - Topshop Raid

June 23, 2017

This is the first of a two part sneak peek of a feature for ENACIER - an upcoming magazine formed to connect talented creatives. And no I have not gone back to black hair again, I've been waiting months to share this with you guys!

Photographer Simon Samuel wanted to capture a day in the life of Shady, so the first thing we did after meeting up in London's West End was indulge in one of my favourite past times. We went clothes shopping! Our first stop was Topshop on Oxford Street. It's such a great place to go if you want to get a feel for what's currently trending on the high street. The store is huge and showcases items from a number of independent brands as well as their own designs, so there's always something for everyone. I rushed straight to The Ragged Priest as they are one of my fave brands at the moment.

It's funny because we had actually stopped for some food and a makeup touch-up in the cafe when we discovered that it would make an amazing location for a photo shoot. It had the coolest neon lights. I love the soft highlights they create on my skin. Who needs filters when you have these?

It wouldn't be a realistic insight to a day in my life if I didn't get snapped wearing a backpack. I almost always have one with me because whenever I leave the house I feel like I have to bring everything but the furniture. (I'm not quite on Mary Poppins' level of extra yet.)

I've actually had this mini dress from Style Moi for so long and worn it heaps, but I've never involved it in a blog post. I love the purple lip print with gold grills. I think I bought this around the time I used to wear grills too and that's why it spoke to me. It's one of my go-to clubbing dresses, but this time I decided to layer it underneath a black mesh maxi to give the outfit a darker, more floaty feel.

I loved this skirt, the colour was so pretty. It would look great paired with a hoodie/sneakers, or a crop top and sandals for a more summery look.

Did you like shopping with me? If so, you can catch the second half of my day with ENACIER magazine next week where I explore a truly glowing part of London.

Photography // Simon Samuel for ENACIER

Mini Dress // Style Moi
Maxi Dress // Absence Of Colour
Sunglasses // Blyszack Eyewear
Bag // Hype
Shoes // YRU

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