Birthday Realness

June 09, 2017

It was my birthday a couple of days ago! And although I may only be one year older, I certainly feel ten times wiser.

I have had a year of complete ups and downs. It was spent recovering from an illness and settling into work while learning some hard lessons along the way. I've learned to accept that people come and go. Unfortunately you're going to come across people that don't value you or will try to use you for their own benefit. You just need to be able to identify that and remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible.

So let's raise a glass! I can proudly say that I have left a dark place, grown stronger from it and now I'm having fun creating work from a place of integrity and not from the pressures of other people. I love fashion but it can be an incredibly superficial industry. If you are creative like me, let go of thinking about how others view you and let your art do the talking! The best art is made from a place of love and sincerity. My next chapter is going to be all about putting everything I've learned to practice.

For my celebration outfit I chose to focus on two specific tones. I used pink as my main colour with gold as the accent. This gold clutch has a cute pom-ball attached. It wouldn't be a true Shady look without a little fluffyness involved somewhere.

This metallic dress has got to be one of my favourite possessions! I originally bought it for a party which ended up being cancelled. It has been gathering dust in my wardrobe for far too long and I thought what better time to wear it than on my birthday?

This statement necklace adds a regal feel to the outfit. I love looking like a princess and this special occasion gives me the perfect excuse to do so.

I am obsessed with anything shiny, so in addition to the dress I had to wear these metallic pink shoes! They are great for a night out because they can add a little flair to any outfit and the chunky heel gives enough support for your feet.

Thank you for celebrating with me! The best gift of all is knowing I am surrounded by supportive people and continuing to inspire others as they inspire me.
Dress // Naa Naa
Earrings & Necklace // Topshop
Bag // Skinnydip
Bracelet // H&M
Shoes // Boohoo

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