You're Welcome

May 22, 2017

Last weekend I let my friend, fashion stylist and photographer Shane Allsopp loose in the magical world that is my wardrobe. I was so excited to see what kind of outfit his imagination could conjure up for me.

He instantly took to one of my most coveted pieces, my Service Dress by The Ragged Priest. It has the carefully positioned words "You're Welcome," stitched onto it which is just my sense of humour. It also combines three of my favourite things - pink, glitter and mesh. It's almost like it was designed with me in mind.

Shane took me by surprise when selecting the accompanying garments for this piece. Usually when I wear this dress I tend to style it with black leggings or thigh high boots, but he did the opposite. 

He chose to team this look with white mesh tights and my trusty pink glitter YRU platforms. Why settle for just one load of pink glitter when you can have two?

Underneath I was instructed to go topless with a simple bra and shorts underneath so as not to distract from the dress. This was the one thing Shane did similarly to how I would have styled myself. I've taken a lot of time learning to love my body and I like being given the opportunity to show it off. It's a good way to encourage others to do the same. Love the skin you're in because it's with you for life.

Our photo shoot was meant to happen at a skate park but we ended up having to run and find shelter from the rain. Can I get a medal for keeping my shoes in perfect condition?

Even though we weren't at our preferred location we were really happy with how the photos turned out. I tend to only work with natural light when shooting unless I'm in a studio, but Shane used flash to get his desired look. The end result was reminiscent of Terry Richardson's photography, especially the ones where my only background is a white wall.

I really enjoyed collaborating with Shane on this project, we made such a good team. It opened my eyes to the different possibilities that styling can present. For example, there is no such thing as too much glitter. Shane has also inspired me to experiment with more flash photography in future. 

Most importantly, this experience was also a good reminder of why up and coming stylists are so important to the industry. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and can interpret style differently, which offers the kind of diversity needed to keep fashion alive.

Follow Shane on Instagram // @shaneallsopp

Bra & Shorts // ASOS
Mesh Tights // Purchased on Ebay
Pink Glitter Platforms // YRU

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