Mermaid Fantasy

May 18, 2017

To quote the fabulous Miss Gia Gunn, "I just landed like fresh tilapia" and am serving you mermaid realness on a silver platter. Only the best for the birth of my brand new blog!

The inspiration for this look was none other than Ruto, princess of the aquatic Zora race. I didn't want this to be a direct cosplay or anything and Ruto doesn't really wear clothes...but I decided to translate her style to human fashion as best as I could. 

Can you believe this dress was what my mum wore to her prom? I found this little number in her wardrobe and am so happy that it fits me. I'm in love with the cut out sides and the shiny blue material reminds me of mermaid scales!

With this beautiful silver headpiece I feel like I could definitely pass as Princess Ruto's bestie. 

Face gems are often used in festival looks, but their use doesn't have to be restricted to certain events only. Get creative! I have often used them to accentuate my makeup when styling outfits in the past, normally dotting a few around my eyes. This is the first time I've used so many at once. I got a pack of gems from Primark for £1.50. There was a variety of pastel tones in different sizes. 

I wanted to be a weepy princess so I placed them underneath my eyes like pretty mermaid tears. As lovely as they look, they were certainly a struggle to stick to my face because they were so small. Girls with long nails, be prepared!

Speaking of nails, how cool are these stick-on's I found? These are also from Primark and they're called Mermaid Kisses. Which is just a coincidence, I swear! I've never been a lover of the nail salon experience and I much prefer the freedom of easy application and removal, so these are a great alternative. They come with adhesive included and can last around a week when properly cared for. What's not to love?

Can you guess where I copped this little seashell mirror? Yeah so I went on a little spree in Primark, if you couldn't tell. It isn't my usual store of choice but they had so many reasonably priced mermaid goodies I just couldn't resist.

As well as the silver headpiece I accessorised with these beautiful earrings from Topshop. What kind of princess would I be without some jewels? I was so happy when I bought these because all my jewelry seems to go missing and they are a gorgeous new addition to my forever dwindling collection. I'm gonna try my absolute best to not misplace these because they are just too pretty to lose.

And of course my sea green hair completes the fantasy. Why didn't I include shoes in this look, you ask? Don't be silly. Mermaids don't have feet. 

I hope you enjoyed this concept, it's the first of many! If you did, be sure to subscribe by email so you never miss a post. 
Dress // Vintage Sub Couture
Headpiece // purchased second hand on Depop
Earrings // Topshop
Nails, Gems & Mirror // Primark

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