Little Pastel Star

May 27, 2017

People have been assuming that the pastel loving Shady is dead and gone, so she's back for this extra kawaii look. It's loosely based on Little Twin Stars, characters from the Japanese brand Sanrio.

I wanted to focus solely on the baby pink, blue and white colour scheme that Little Twin Stars are known for. I also tried to style myself using items which featured star prints, like this Totoro crop top from Happy Monday. I'm a huge Studio Ghibli fan, so I thought why not pay homage to three influential Japanese companies with this look? Can you guess what the third will be? All will be revealed as you scroll down...

The Pokemon Company, of course! If you have followed me for a while you'll know I'm an avid gamer and also just how much I cherish my collection of plushies! My favourite one at the moment is my lil' baby Rowlet, the best starter of Generation VII. Fight me if you disagree. Or hit me up for a battle if you have the game, just be prepared to lose.

In keeping with the star theme, I chose these socks from Cutesy Kink. They are meant to fit over the knees but I've got slightly longer legs than the average girl so I have to make do with them being a little shorter. They still look cute though, right?

This bow isn't part of the tutu, it's actually a pin! I thought as it was the same shade of pink it would add some extra detail to the skirt, which has a subtle star print.

Even my kitty ears from Plastic and Bows have tiny little stars inside them.

My mum surprised me with these shoes and I absolutely adore them. Sometimes I think she knows me too well. They have the words "stop" and "stare" written on the sides of each platform which is a cool little effect.  I chose these shoes in particular because of the little tuft of fluff at the front, which ties in nicely with my fluffy headband. Plus the fact that they are super comfy.

Peekaboo Totoro! My hair is so long it's hard to keep it from getting in his eyes.

I hope this theme gave you that dose of kawaii style you were after! It certainly subdued my withdrawal symptoms, that's for sure.

Totoro Crop Top // Happy Monday
Skirt // Bodyline
Wristband // SuperOrange
Headband // Plastic & Bows
Plushie // Pokemon Center
Socks // Cutesy Kink
Shoes // Kurt Geiger

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